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A Standing Ovation to all the Dancers out there

“If dancing were any easier it would be called football.”
– Anonymous

I have always admired the professional dancers on tv, movies and in theatres. However, like every other profession, I just assumed they are really good at what they do because they practice… A LOT. Boy, was I wrong.

Not too long ago, I went and saw the ballet Swan Lake with my good friend. I must admit, it was my first time watching a ballet performance (sometimes I am afraid to go to plays and theatres as their singing/music puts me to sleep; shocking, I know) and no, I did not fall asleep. In fact, I sat there flabbergasted the whole time. I was in awe of the spectacular dancing that was being performed on stage – it was magnificent, to say the least. At one stage, Odette was doing so many pirouettes I lost count – regardless, one minute she was on one side of the stage and in the next, she was on the other side – it’s a wonder she could still stand straight after all that spinning – I would be on the ground after two spins, I think.

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