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Top 10 Destinations I Want to Visit This Year

I think I have caught the travel bug again; and instead of studying, I have been procrastinating on the internet, looking at places I want to explore. These are my top 10 destinations I want to visit this year (in no particular order):

Kremlin - seriously, doesn't this look like something out of a fairytale?

1. Russia

Ever since I saw a picture in a travel magazine of the Kremlin with fireworks going off at night in the background, I have always wanted to go there. The Kremlin is what I would imagine the candy house to look like from the fable Hansel and Gretel… seriously, the monstrous castle looks like an upper class biscuit house!

Always wanted to rub shoulders with royalty

2. Egypt

Pyramids, Pharaohs, mummies, tombs, curses and sphinxes… what more can I say? One of the greatest marvels of civilisation.

Norway Northern Lights - isn't it just spectacular?

3. Scandinavian Countries

They say not everyone is lucky enough to see the northern lights. The northern lights is one of my top 50 things to see/do before I die, and I am hoping I would be lucky enough to see it when I do go… otherwise I will be camping out every night in the cold until I do! And why not limit myself to just 1 of the 3 countries? I may as well go to all three – Norway, Finland and Sweden!

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Panoramic Europe

Just wanted to share some of the amazing photos my sister took when we went to Europe last year! I was very impressed at the panoramic photos her little Sony camera was pushing out! Will add more photos when I have time!

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Studying University Abroad

I attended a discussion today regarding studying abroad. I must say, I find the whole thing quite appealing.

I have travelled extensively around Western Europe and Asia over the last couple of years (close to 20 countries now or so I think, I haven’t counted the total number) and was going to stay abroad this year to just travel (I love travelling if you haven’t yet noticed!) and experience the world. Alas, I chose to go back to university instead, sadly, but not regretfully.

Although I find the whole experience appealing, there are a few limitations to studying abroad though compared to holidaying:

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