5 Things I am Most Grateful For

I cannot believe it’s been so long since I’ve written! Nearly 2 months!! Yikes. Life has been pretty hectic – studying for exams, renovating and whatnot. Phew! I’m glad it’s all over! 🙂

I have contemplated over and over about what I should write. However, recently, my friend was in a pretty nasty car accident (the other car ran a stop sign when she was driving 100km/h on the motorway and totally wiped her out) but luckily, came out of it with only a few cut and bruises. Her parents were furious about the whole situation, and rightly so, as it was negligence on the other driver’s part).

After speaking to her, it made me realise of significance of the situation and that I take a lot of things for granted. Sentimentality is not something I am capable of at great lengths, but these are the things I am grateful and thankful for.

1. Parents

I am grateful to have both parents who are so flexible with us when it is not in our culture to do so. They are always there when we need them, no matter what the situation is. They’re constantly working to provide for us when we’re already capable of earning our own living – it is nevertheless a grand gesture to let us know that they’ll always have our back. I know a lot of people who do not have this – the world is tough and cruel for many. As such, I am very thankful to have both parents who are alive, well, and treat us like diamond – well, instead of wrapping us up in cotton wool of course! 🙂


2. Friends

I am very introverted and antisocial on most days of the week. I don’t have many friends – you can probably count them on 2 hands, if that. However, the friends I do have are great people – ones who I can relate to and understand. Ones who I can go for years without talking to and still know that if we caught up with each other tomorrow, it would just be the same as it was before. Ones who will always be there if I ever ask them to come. Regardless of where they are, there are unexplainable ties that binds us – irrevocably and permanently.


3. God

There are many things in this world can be explained scientifically but I personally believe that there is some higher existence out there. Someone that will always help us if we ask for it, enough to guide us into the right direction, but just so, without interfering with our free will. There are no coincidences in this world. For many people, the belief in their God, no matter the religion, gives them hope and faith. Who am I to take that away from them?


4. Books

Words are a wonderful thing. They can be as sharp as swords, inflicting pain and drawing blood, powerful and unyielding or eloquent and dazzling. A combination of this with a creative mind will make possibilities limitless. It always amazes me the world the authors create – from Middle earth by JRR Tolkien, to the wizarding world of Harry Potter by JK Rowling, Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Oceania by George Orwell. I am forever grateful for being able to read and stepping into these worlds created by the many wonderful authors out there. They have provided me with comfort on many rainy days.


5. Internet

The internet is a blessing and a curse. It has made the world borderless, allowing people to reach out to one another across continents, seeking friendship, assistance and love. It has allowed people to share ideas, thoughts, feelings, information and opinions where they would not normally do in real life. However the internet also has its fair share of unsavoury tales as well. Regardless of people’s intentions, the internet has been a major step in technological evolution, keeping people well informed and competitive – and for that, I am grateful.


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