Top 10 Destinations I Want to Visit This Year

I think I have caught the travel bug again; and instead of studying, I have been procrastinating on the internet, looking at places I want to explore. These are my top 10 destinations I want to visit this year (in no particular order):

Kremlin - seriously, doesn't this look like something out of a fairytale?

1. Russia

Ever since I saw a picture in a travel magazine of the Kremlin with fireworks going off at night in the background, I have always wanted to go there. The Kremlin is what I would imagine the candy house to look like from the fable Hansel and Gretel… seriously, the monstrous castle looks like an upper class biscuit house!

Always wanted to rub shoulders with royalty

2. Egypt

Pyramids, Pharaohs, mummies, tombs, curses and sphinxes… what more can I say? One of the greatest marvels of civilisation.

Norway Northern Lights - isn't it just spectacular?

3. Scandinavian Countries

They say not everyone is lucky enough to see the northern lights. The northern lights is one of my top 50 things to see/do before I die, and I am hoping I would be lucky enough to see it when I do go… otherwise I will be camping out every night in the cold until I do! And why not limit myself to just 1 of the 3 countries? I may as well go to all three – Norway, Finland and Sweden!


Iconic American superhero... sigh

4. America

Yes, I have never been! And I hear New York is a beautiful place to check out 🙂 Oh, and apparently it is really cheap over in US compared to Australia!

Brazilian Carnival - This whole thing screams fun! It's like the city that never sleeps!

5. Brazil

Rio is the party city of the world (or so they tell me)! Alas, life isn’t all about parties… well maybe it is if you’re on a holiday and in Rio!

Always wanted to get a glimpse of a Geisha

6. Japan

I think everyone has to visit Japan at least once in their lifetime, just to see how technology can be used to its maximum potential! Oh, and to  get a glimpse of a Geisha of course!

Iconic face of Barcelona - Doesn't it just scream trendy?

7. Spain

Barcelona was one of the coolest cities I’ve visited. It has made such an impression on me that I want to go back and see the rest of it! So much culture – so vibrant and full of life!

Czech Koruna/crown - nice and colourful, just like their country!

8. Czech Republic

I fell in love with this country the first I went – I will have to come back for another visit.

I think this pictures says it all. It is just simply breathtaking.

9. Nepal

One of the richest geographical countries in the world. I am prepared to be mind blown by the scenery.

Different possible pilgrimage paths to lead to Santiago de Compostela, Spain

10. France

One of my work colleagues mentioned he did the Camino Francés nearly twenty years ago and it was one of the best experiences of his life. It is a 780km (484 miles) pilgrimage route from France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. I am trying to get fit enough to do it this year!


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