One Giant Leap for Blogging

“The only race you have to win is the race against yourself – there will always be someone faster and stronger but there will never be another you, so look within and push your own personal boundaries.”

When I first started blogging a couple of months ago, I never thought it was possible for me to reach even 400 views a day. Even up until about a week ago, when I was setting myself goals (with one of them being “to get 400 views or more per day by the end of the year” – you can read more here), I still didn’t think it was possible.

Today, for some unfathomable reason, I reached a massive milestone – out of nowhere, I’ve already had 1, 070 views! I was completely taken by surprise. This has far exceeded my expectations. To some, 1, 000 + views & 50 odd comments may be an everyday natural thing, but to a novice blogger like me, it means a great deal. It kind of reminds me of the feeling I got when I first got my real pay check after being registered as a pharmacist – ecstatic and elated.

You all have provided me with the confidence to continue what I am doing, and for that I am thankful. I am glad you have found my blog useful – useful enough to refer, relink and share on facebook, twitter and any other social media sites you use. There is so, so much more I would like to share so feel free to come back sometime for another random babbling.

Have a good weekend everyone,



2 responses to “One Giant Leap for Blogging

  • ladywithabirthmark

    I am a novice myself when it comes to blogging. I never really thought there’s so much to blogging other than just writing random thoughts. Sometimes it worries me that I don’t get enough feedback or likes on my blog. Yet, when I check my stats and discover a lot of views, it makes me happy (here’s hoping they really read it). Thank you for sharing this thought. I guess I can relate. 🙂

    • Kazza

      Thanks for the reply – it really is an uncertainty isn’t it when you write something? I am always skeptical when I post something… oh well, we must be doing something right for people to read! 😛

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