To Inspire Others is Extraordinary


To be able to write, is a gift. To be able to express yourself in such a way that compels others to comment, is a miracle. To be able to inspire others, so they are willing to set their goals and try to reach for their dreams, is extraordinary. I aim and strive to be like that one day.

In one of my management courses I am taking, we study/analyse large corporations, and how they came about. Toyota, General electric, Outback Steakhouse, Just Cuts, Google, Apple… the list goes on. Regardless of what the industry is, they all have one thing in common – They all have long term and short term goals that they set, and they strive to reach those goals and targets in a certain time frame.

They have inspired me to make my own goals. I think it’s time for me to stop being so reactive and start being more proactive. These are my short term goals I hope to achieve within the next year:
1. Get more than 400 views/day consistently by the end of this year
2. Lose 7 kg by July 1, then another 8kg by the end of October.
3. Write well enough to get freshly pressed by mid 2013
4. Visit the rest of Europe
5. Design my own app for iPad/iPhone/Android
6. Obtain a GPA of 7
7. Get into Medical School
8. Write a book
9. Learn how to fly a helicopter
10. Be able to fly when I dance salsa and zouk

My long term goals are:
1. Earn more than $400/day outside of my weekly income
2. Maintain healthy lifestyle & weight
3. Be innovative and inspire/compel others to be the best they can be – personal and career wise
4. Visit at least 45 different countries by 30
5. Become one of the top grossing apps in the App Store
6. Maintain a GPA of no less than 6.5
7. Get into Surgery
8. Be on New York Times Best Sellers list
9. Own a helicopter by 40
10. Earn enough to comfortably save a third, spend a third and give away a third to those in need
11. Build at least one hospital in a third world country

I know that some of the goals are rather… optimistic (and ambitious) but I think it’s just like dating – if you never put yourself out there, you will never get what you want!

I read once that one of Richard Branson’s (Virgin’s CEO) long term goal was to make outer space traveling for the general public available and affordable and he’s nearly there – Traveling to outer space is now not limited to just astronauts. A few weeks ago, Ashton Kutcher was the last person to sign up for Richard Branson’s outer space traveling for $200 000 – so the possibility of the general population traveling to space within the next 20 years is not that unbelievable! If Richard Branson’s long term goals are that forward thinking, I think it is safe to assume mine are achievable.

We all have hopes and dreams. I hope this blog has inspired you to make your own list. Be ambitious – think of the things you want most in life, no matter how far fetched it is, and jot it down. Stick this list in front of your fridge, in your bedroom next your light switch, beside your bathroom mirror, on your office desk, as a background on your iPad/tablet/computer, to serve as a constant reminder that these are the things that you strive for.

Remember, no one has the right to crush your dreams or goals – they can only do it because you let them!


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