Independent Reviews – Always!

After the number of hits I am getting on my blog (which shocked me out of my sleepy state this morning), I just want to say to all the other skeptics out there like me, that all my reviews are independently done. That is, all my apps, accessories etc are purchased from my own income and I only do reviews as a hobby. I believe everyone has the right to knowledge, and it should be free, and shared across the world.

I will always aim to provide reviews based on my facts and findings – but I cannot guarantee that it won’t be laced with my sarcasm or dry humour. Also, let me apologise first if you pick up on any spelling mistakes or incorrect grammar in my post – I am a massive grammar fanatic and a firm believer that if you do something, you should do it right/properly the first time, otherwise check, check, check!! (I am a pharmacist – we’re just wired that way.)

Which brings me to my last point – If you were redirected from PDF Expert’s website (Press Room page), you would have probably notice they made a mistake with my blog name – which kind of annoys me a little. You would think they checked their info before adding their referral to here, given what a massive corporation they are? I know I shouldn’t complain, since it is bringing viewers to here but nevertheless, carelessness is not something I am particularly fond of.

Anyway, breakfast time! Pearl Cafe today I think…

Until next time!


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