Got sample prints for the key tags!

We’re getting new key tag designs for the motel rooms and I am ecstatic of the way the mock ups are turning out!! After spending all night creating, adjusting and readjusting the layout and designs of the key tags, I was pleased at the final product. As the key tags were small, I wasn’t sure how the design would turn out, especially with a mini map of where we are on there as well!

After speaking to the key ring people, they sent out a sample of what the finished product would look like – I must say I am super pleased with it. Nice sturdy acrylic tag with excellent graphics and colours. I guess this is what it feels like to be excited about what you do, because I am truly happy to give the green lights on making the key tags!

I guess I have never been so proud to claim I have a hand in the design of a motel’s key tag design – the next time I hand out the key tag, I can proudly say to myself – wow that was me… I did that design and it looks damn cool.

It may not be the best design in the world, but it looks simple and elegant – just what the motel needs. Sometimes less is good – that’s what my lecturer used to always say. And I think I have achieved that after staying up those long hours. And forgetting how to use photoshop doesn’t help either! But in the end, I eventually got there.

I have read so novels based around advertising and sales pitch – the way authors describe how the characters feel when they gathered ideas, organised, designed, and redesigned and then eventually won the approval to publish/advertise their finished product was something I could never completely comprehend before – now I know what that feeling is like. A bit sad I know, but true.

Makes me want to consider going into advertising…. Lol who am I kidding – I am getting way ahead of myself.

Better stop procrastinating – ciao.


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