iPad mini 7.85″ instead of iPad 3?

Ipad 2 and Ipad 7.85"

So I was surfing the net and found this little article on on cnet regarding the possible (highly possible) release of an iPad mini – it is exactly the same as the iPad 2 but will only be 7.85″ though… Can anyone smell competition for Kindle Fire? I think Apple knows how successful it’s launch is wit the iPad line, that it now feels that it should also dominate the ebook reader world as well – and it will probably do that quite successfully. I mean compared to the kindles and Sony ereader and kobo ebook readers out there, from what I can gather, they are even more limited compared to the iPad – I mean by now nearly everyone is familiar with the iPad/iPhone/iPod interface, so releasing and advertising/marketing the iPad mini should be cake right? Also, the price for the ipad mini is apparently going to cost $250-300, and at the moment, the kindle fire is $200 – so for an extra $50 or so, I can sync all ur apps up with ur iPhone and ur Mac (if you have those)… And ppl love it when everything works seamlessly. I have seen ppl with ipad, ipod, iphone and a mac at uni… Jeez talk about overload! So far everything is screaming at me to buy apple shares – its only ever going to be going up.

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

The one thing I do wonder about the new iPad mini is that its keyboard layout when in landscape mode is going to be a problem for some ppl – I mean I dislike typing in portrait mode as it is, but to type like that (touch typing) on an 7.85″ screen is going to be a tight squeeze – especially for those with fat fingers! However, if you already have a Mac, and an iPhone, then u may be inclined to add an iPad mini to your collection, instead of buying an iPad – especially when they can be expensive.

Mac Air

iPod mini

iPhone 4







So now you would have a Mac Air + perhaps an ipod mini/touch + iPhone + new iPad mini? Wow they really do know how to diversify their sales.

Anyway, this is the second time I’ve typed this up – I did have more to add but I will save it for next time! Until then, adios!


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