Dodocase review for iPad 2 2012

My Dodocase!

I have noticed there are heaps of reviews on the Dodocases, Portenzo, and Pad & Quill cases for the iPad 2. I have also noticed that they’re not up to date either so I would like to clarify a few things with some up to date info on the Dodocase specifically (since I purchased it from them last week).

I was in the market for a new case for my iPad and I came across the Dodocase – I fell in love with it immediately – so much so I did not realise that there were others out there on the market like it and bought 2 straight away (One for myself, one for my sister as a gift). It is at the time $59.95 each plus FedEx shipping to Aust for $30 (which I thought was a bit steep).

Excellent Customer Service

After having purchased the case, I had completely forgotten to check with them about the sleep/wake functionality – to my horror, their site does not say anything about it & I read reviews that others had not got the sleep/wake functionality on their cases either – oh no. I shot them an email that night after I purchased the cases. I received an email from them the next day stating the cases has been dispatched earlier that morning via FedEx… What about the sleep/wake functionality I screamed in my head?! Too late now! 😦 I did feel a bit bummed, since a lot of the folio cases these days all have that functionality.. but lo and behold, I got an email later that morning from Dodocase and relief… yes the case does now have the sleep wake functionality incorporated into it… Whoo!

Being super excited I was going to get my case in a weeks time, I was simply bouncing around the house like I was on speed (FedEx said shipping was 5 days and I would expect it by Monday – I ordered the case on Wednesday). Wow, I gotta say I love FedEx and their tracking system – They kept me up to date every step of the way, gave me an ETA, and the speed at which they shipped the case was impressive (I know I shouldn’t really be – I mean people travel to and from America in two days, so parcels and packages can also load & unload in that amount of time as well) but still, I was thoroughly impressed. $30 for tracked shipping of 2 cases within 5 days is pretty darn good 🙂 considering others who were complaining about not getting their cases for a couple of weeks to even months!

Split in the corner - wasn't big but it shouldn't happen!!

Monday afternoon came and my FedEx package had arrived as promised – It was nicely packed and DodoCase did a really good job at packaging up the cases – felt like Christmas, ripping open the wrapper to get to the goodies inside. I examined the case (I didn’t know what to expect, especially after reading so many (not so good) reviews about the cases) and I must admit, I was pretty impressed. The product was as described, you could tell their technique for the bookbinding was superb, and the bamboo case was nicely shaped to fit the iPad 2. The cover, the back and the binder in the middle are super tough – you really have to apply pressure to bend the cover if you wanted to wreck it so it seems to protect the case really well. The bamboo case did however, split in the corner when I placed the iPad in (I was very careful and conscious when placing the iPad in, as I had read it has happened to others after a certain period of time)! Oh no! I was a bit disappointed there but everything held firmly – no iPad falling out, no corner pads peeling off – it was a very well made. The iPad sits so snugly in the case, I don’t know how some people’s iPad fell out of their cases? I have to pry to get mine out! Aside from the corner splitting a little, everything was in good order!

Typing angle could be higher - probably bad for posture, but it would be easier for typing!

I checked my sister’s case as well, just to see if there any problems – it was flawless. The only thing I would have liked is that when its folded back on itself, the angle is a bit flat – I prefer a higher angle so that I can type and view things easier… at the moment its perhaps on a 10-15deg angle? I use my iPhone to prop it up further to about 35-40deg – viewing angle is better that way when you’re typing and taking notes in class! 🙂

Although I don’t have a Portenzo or a Pad & Quill case, I can say that the Dodocase has been refined/fine tuned very well – I mean I don’t have any problems with what others out there are saying – yes the bamboo housing is thin, but it protects the iPad quite well. Sleep/wake functionality works, it’s open ends makes for easy for usb recharge, turning on/off, and inserting headphones (I only use the Apple headphones that come with the iPhone). Reaching and adjusting the volume/access to the mute switch is also not a problem. I have only had the Dodocase for 4 days, so I will keep you up to date if there are any other problems but so far so good! My sister also loves her case! She received it yesterday and she was also very impressed by it (she is a very, very, very picky person, so if she likes it – it must tell you something!)

Ok so I don't have man hands, but I do carry it around Uni like this!! 🙂

I carry my iPad around everywhere with me in its Dodocase and I love it. Going to uni with it is awesome – I don’t need any lecture notes, everything is accessible on the iPad, and flipping it to landscape mode to type is easy as (still have to prop it up higher with my iphone though). The case makes it ambiguous and people think I have a book until I flip it over – always a nice surprise! I do think the Pad & Quill’s Octavo Case that’s been refined would be a good buy – its predecessors are bigger and bulkier by the looks of photos, but the new Octavo case is very in size and shape to the Dodocase – it does look longer but then the bamboo looks twice as thick and sturdier. It also has an option to purchase an inside sleeve pocket to store documents ($59.99 for the case, then $10 for the extra for the pocket) – that would be handy if I wanted to store my printed notes/assignments etc … maybe next time I will by the Pad & Quill to try it out! 🙂

Pad & Quill's Octavo with pocket - my next case after this one dies! 🙂

Another thing other people may find annoying is that the Dodocase doesn’t have a hole for the rear camera – Portenzo & Pad & Quill does though! It doesn’t bother me since I find the images from my iPhone are sharper when taken to begin with! And the iPad is too bulky to take photos with also!

After being a bit devastated my bamboo casing had split, I contacted Dodocase and sent them a picture, asking for some advice – They contacted me straight away and said they would send me out another case within the week! Wow, what excellent service! They would however, like me to destroy this one & show proof of it via email after I receive the new one, just so they know I won’t resell it on eBay or whatever. Fair enough. So now I am waiting for my new case! I shall keep you posted if there are any problems!

Update: 16/03/2012

I have dropped my iPad several times now, whilst in the case – Not a scratch on my iPad though! The bamboo is a bit dinted when it hit the ground on impact, and the top corner of the bamboo has chipped off a little bit, otherwise the front and the back still looks brand new. Rubber pads in the corner are still attached nice and firm. I have noticed that Dodocase has launched new models with a back camera hole – for an extra $5, I wouldn’t mind getting that done to mine! Oh well.

By the by, I finally received my new case as promised a few days ago. I’ve put my iPad in there to test it – no problems so far! I haven’t been using my Dodocase often lately however. I am only using it when I go out for coffees or lunches (leisure) – I find it too hard to type in my lectures when it is so flat – even folded back. I have been using my Zagg Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard instead – It’s propped up at an angle thats perfect for viewing, and I can type notes easily as well on the keyboard (guess I am just used to keyboards!).

What are people’s thoughts on their Dodocase? Do you still use yours?

Zagg Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard - Protective of the screen as well!


One response to “Dodocase review for iPad 2 2012

  • Jane

    Not sure if you’ve heard of The French Cover? It looks like a real nice moleskine cover that APPEARS to look better than both the DodoCase and Portenzo. But it’s quite pricy and it seems like no one in America has ever owned one. I’m not sure if I should try one out…

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