Second day of uni

Stumbling over to reach for the snooze button as my alarm wakes me up at 7am this morning, I lay back down and throw my head back onto the pillow, wishing that I could have another extra 5 mins rest. Reluctantly, I crawl out of bed and get ready for another day of Uni.

Driving to the uni, I glance at my clock and I’m not late – good. How embarrassing if I was late to my second class already :/ wow, at 7:45am it was certainly chaotic at the uni grounds – there were cars everywhere – and I had no idea where to go to park! After driving around three to four times (and irrevocably late for my class) I finally parked, having no notion as to where it was (now I’m hoping I remember my way back to where I parked!), paid at the booth and rushed to my class – thank God for the UQ map app – I would be literally lost without it. 8.20am I walked through the doors – with everyone staring… Crap. Of course the only seats available are up the back in the opposite corner – hanging my head low, I avoided eye contact (not that I know anyone there to begin with) and made my way to the top back. I cannot see a bloody thing – sigh.

Patiently, I sat and listened to the lecture drone on about the course (Accounting) and it’s assessments, exams etc – oh good he’s only just started 🙂 normally first lectures are tedious and about they talk more about the housekeeping sides of things – this was no different. I guess the god thing about these 2 hr lectures they give u a break after the first hr so u can stretch etc – I wandered around and found a cafeteria and of course purchased a cappuccino… Strolling back to the lecture theatre, I found an empty seat in the middle of the class and nested there for a bit.

My second class was not too far from my first – it was Law. The lecturer was more interesting and was not so monotonous – I think I quite enjoyed it. Certainly I think my courses are going to be great – I specifically picked courses that I found appealing and so far, looking at the topics, I haven’t been deceived. Tomorrow’s class is about management – we shall see how that fares.

I quite like the environment at UQ, it has a really nice atmosphere – lots of scenery and greenery… everywhere. I can pretty much get wireless where ever I go which is an added bonus.


Should go and study…
Until next time!


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