Being a good Samaritan

Soooo happy I got my shower screens put in today! Whoo! Although I feel a bit deceived – my semi frameless shower screens are not so semi frameless after all – turns out you can get “full” semi frameless which is also known as contour screens or half semi frameless (which is what I was given)… I admit that it was partially my fault for not clearing up this minor issue when I first asked for the quote, but never the less I am quite happy with the final product. I don’t know how shower screens are suppose to go, but should there be such a bit gap between the top frame and the screen door that opens? Hmmm I should google it.

Anyway, I did manage to get the nice installer man to come and put up my mirror for me as well. That was an added bonus. Now I have a mirror – finally – in my room! What a good Samaritan 🙂

Just as I was about to head out to dinner tonight, a little girl approached my, who couldn’t have been more than 15, asking to use the phone. She had lost her sister and lives all the way out in whoop whoop – her sister has all the money and she can’t get home via train and bus (she has to catch both to get home… How bothersome considering public transport in Brissy is really bad!) so, being the nice person I am, I offered to drop her off at the shops to find her sister and take her to the train station if she (her sister) was not there. I feel for the poor girl – she had no money, did not know how to find her way home, her bus stops running at 6pm (it was already 6.40pm). I would have offered to pay for her public transport, but luckily, she ended up finding her sister. I am not sure what her sister was thinking (her sister was sitting down chatting to friends) – if it were my sister, I would have went crazy looking for her!! Nevertheless, I a glad she found her sister and all is well…

Better bounce along now. Until next time!


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