Hellllllllo World!

A glimpse of what I feel like when I look upon the world - wonder.

A glimpse of what I feel like when I look upon the world - wonder.

This is my second attempt at starting a blog. I remember the first time I started a blog… it was a disaster, and ended up nowhere! Although I must admit that was 6 odd years ago, when I was less cynical and really had nothing much to comment on… nevertheless, we will see what will happen with this blog!

Why did I start a blog up again? It’s all got to do with an exam I’m sitting… I need to improve, improve, improve my vocabulary… and sentence structure and all that jazz… what better way to start a blog?! I am not saying my writing sucks… okay, so maybe it is a little rusty… well okkkkkkay, so it’s more than a little rusty when you compare it to all the other great writers out there! There, I have said it – but I am not out to win the Pulitzer Prize Award – I am only trying to work on my writing, vocab, editing skills, and expressing my opinions (cynical appears in there also) better.

What is this exam you may ask? hmmm maybe I will explain it all a little bit later. It is only one of the single most important exams I will be sitting to kick start me off for the rest of my career (again). Nevertheless, my main aim is to MOTIVATE myself to study for this exam (which I have hopelessly failed to accomplish… breathe… there is 1 month left….*starts gnawing on my fingernails nervously*) and to attempt to write at least 1 blog a day for the next month on a different topic each time! Yeah I know – I ask myself the same question… I have NO IDEA what I am going to write about daily for the next month. I can’t even decide what I will be having for dinner, let alone write about something daily for one whole month! I will persevere I suppose, and suck it up…

Anyway, Sundays are such a bitch for me – I better go and do some more work! FML

Until next time (which is tomorrow… which is far too soon)


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